Bonafide Icon Sports Posters


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kEihOTd7A9AtDn6VgbzqkKdEWKxjbZo5M-LiHfhPKUw bKoEqKyLLNSb6gz7v52F0ifaOBVNkp6HIdP6JjXW3k8 Wpqh01HBR6V52QL432TjJZWusz2NGc62OI4m91-Il58 ycSnpkEIxv94S4caBYTQlAEYyhYVuMEn7q7CL41StKANew Bonafide Icon full color sports posters, featuring a variety of vintage Bonafide Icon designs. Posters come in standard 18×24 and 24×36 sizes. Available in the webstore.


Bonafide Icon 2014 design preview


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Here is a preview of the some of the new designs that we will be releasing in 2014, including a series of illustrations entitled “Old School” featuring some of our favorite athletes from their collegiate days.

Bonafide Icon- “Grail I” Closer Look


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jordan 1 detailmichael-jordan-air-jordan-1air-jordan-retrospective-aj1-05jordan 1Following the release of the first Air Jordan shoe, the black and red Air Jordan I, (which was banned by the NBA), Nike release a new white/red colorway which Jordan wore for a large part of the 85 and 86 seasons. Young Mike memorized  hoop fans with incredible signature dunks and highlights during what may have been his most athletic years of play. Legendary performances including his 63 point game in the ’86 playoffs against the Celtics and his 42 point game against the Knicks in ’98 ( paying homage to the classic shoe) makes the white/red Air Jordan I an easy choice for inclusion in the “Grail” series.

Bonafide Icon- “Grail” stained glass sneaker paintings.


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grail series smallThis first collection of Grail paintings depicts Air Jordan shoes that i hold in high regard due to the historic significance and personal memories associated with watching MJ perform in them. Illustrated in a stained glass window style, i aim to convey a sense of religious (or even cult like) idolization currently present in the sneaker culture.  The Grail collection will be an ongoing series which will include a wide selection of my most coveted shoes, initiated by my fascination with the legendary play of MJ and the overwhelming marketing campaign of his shoes.

Limited edition signed and numbered prints are available in the shop

grail 1 small

Bonafide Icon, Grail I, acrylic on wood, 16×20, 2013

grail 4 small

Bonafide Icon, Grail IV, acrylic on wood, 16×20, 2013

grail 6 small

Bonafide Icon, Grail VI, acrylic on wood, 16×20, 2013

grail 11 small

Bonafide Icon, Grail XI, acrylic on wood, 16×20, 2013

Bonafide Icon Sports Posters


undisputed posterDrawing inspiration from sports magazine pin ups, basketball posters and trading cards, we created a set of sports posters infused with influences from the various forms of print material that introduced us to graphic design. By combining vintage sports imagery with clever verbiage and compositions that hint to magazine covers, music album cover art, movie posters, product packaging..ect, We were able to combine our love for sports and graphics to create a unique mash up that pays homage vintage sports and poster art.

Check out the collection here!

Summer time in the “Citi”


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all 1

As a tune up for the MLB Allstar weekend, we decided to make a trip to Citi Field to catch the Mets/Diamondback game and get a glimpse of star pitcher Matt Harvey. Although Harvey and the Mets let us down with a 5-3 loss…we were still able to have a good time in the Citi!

all 2Rain delay?…no problem.

all 3We had to make a stop in the Jackie Robinson Rotunda for a quick pic with the #42..

all6Bryant Bonafide approves of the seats.

all5all8Free food vouches…lets go cash those in.

all9all12all11all13all 10A few laps around the stadium to check out the vendors and decor.

all4prep for the fireworks show….rain delay took us well past 12am, so its officially July 4th!

Bonafide Icon NYC Summer 2013


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Here is a preview of the Summer 2013 line, featuring references to ABA hoops, City Ballparks, MVP, and the Bronx Bombers.  Be on the lookout for multiple summer colorways, and a large assortment of tanks. Available in June.