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The Bonafide Icon Lockdown tee:

This tee is a throwback to the old Sonics team, and a nod to one of the best defenders and trash talkers in the game. GP was half of one of the most exciting tag teams in the history of the League…..we will show some love to the Reign Man another time.

The Bonafide Icon Ultimate Warriors Tee:

The Golden State crew may be the 4th most popular team in Cali, but no one can deny the popularity of the vintage Run TMC squad….add in young Webber and Sprewell and you have the Ultimate Warrior squad!

The Bonafide Icon Legacy Tee:

Being from NYC, its only fitting that we continue to show love to most popular team in all of the sports world. You either love them or you deeply despise them, but there is no denying that the evil empire has the hardware to cement their legacy as winners.

The Bonafide Icon Dream Shakes Tee:

Aside from the Sky Hook, Hakeem’s series of pump fakes and Dream Shakes were the most feared moves by post defenders. His post game is so well respected that he continues to coach some of the top players in the league today including D12 and The King!

The Bonafide Icon AKA Tee:

This tee features some of the better nicknames from the league. We usually keep it vintage, but we decided to show love for some of the new guys with this one.

New colorways!