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grail series smallThis first collection of Grail paintings depicts Air Jordan shoes that i hold in high regard due to the historic significance and personal memories associated with watching MJ perform in them. Illustrated in a stained glass window style, i aim to convey a sense of religious (or even cult like) idolization currently present in the sneaker culture.  The Grail collection will be an ongoing series which will include a wide selection of my most coveted shoes, initiated by my fascination with the legendary play of MJ and the overwhelming marketing campaign of his shoes.

Limited edition signed and numbered prints are available in the shop

grail 1 small

Bonafide Icon, Grail I, acrylic on wood, 16×20, 2013

grail 4 small

Bonafide Icon, Grail IV, acrylic on wood, 16×20, 2013

grail 6 small

Bonafide Icon, Grail VI, acrylic on wood, 16×20, 2013

grail 11 small

Bonafide Icon, Grail XI, acrylic on wood, 16×20, 2013