About Bonafide Icon


NYC- based  Bonafide Icon is a contemporary graphic designer and illustrator, whose works are influenced by both popular advertising and sports/sneaker culture combined with references from 90’s nostalgia. Favoring posters art, magazine ads, and comic books as his main inspiration, “BI” produces precise compositions through a fragmented style of appropriation, collage and original illustrations, applying culture-driven iconography to vast array of materials and techniques, from wood panles and t-shirts to more traditional canvas and prints.


Bonafide Icon began as a graphic tee brand with designs that incorporate artwork from sports and sneaker culture, by using a combination of vintage sports imagery, illustration, clever verbiage, and creative graphic composition. Our motto, League Leaders, describes our drive to provide the best in sports and sneaker culture related design and content. The name Bonafide Icon is a sports reference that describes an athlete or symbol that has achieved a level of global admiration and recognition that goes beyond sports greatness and into cultural immortality.